Takeaway menu

Call 01271 865982 to order takeaway pizza or pasta in Ilfracombe.

The minimum card transaction is £10.



240g of home-made dough, thin based and stonebaked


Margherita (V) £7.50

Mozzarella and tomato

Proscuitto £8.50

Mozzarella, tomato and ham

Napolitana £9.70

Anchovies, capers and olives

Vegetariana (V) £9.50

Red onions, mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, fresh tomatoes

Capriciosa £12.00

Ham, Pepperoni, egg, olives, capers

Siciliana £11.00

Ham, artichokes, anchovies, black olives


Start with a Margherita and add any of your favourites!

Ham, Pepperoni, Chicken, Spicy Beef, Prawns, Spicy Pork, Egg, Tuna, Anchovies £1.00

Parma Ham, Salami, Chorizo £1.20

Onions, Mushrooms, Fresh Tomatoes, Chillies, Peppers, Olives, Rocket, Spinach, Sweetcorn, Jalapeños, Pineapple, Artichokes, Marinated Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes £1.00


Topped as above but with no tomato


Folded pizza topped as above with side salad & pizza sauce


Spaghetti Bolognese £8.50

Meat ragu served with spaghetti

Spaghetti Carbonara £8.00

Bacon, egg and Parmesan

~ Add chicken and peas +£1.50

Spaghetti al Pesto (V) £8.00

Creamy pesto verdi and green beans, with rocket & Parmesan served with spaghetti pasta

~ Add chicken +£1.50

Spaghetti Marinara £10.50

Mixed seafood in white wine and a hint of chillies

Penne Pommodore (V) £7.50

Rich coarse tomato sauce, topped with rocket and Parmesan

Spaghetti Amatriciana £9.50

Bacon, red onion and garlic in home-made tomato sauce, topped with Parmesan

Arrabiatta (V) £7.50

Classic Italian hot sauce served with penne pasta

~ Add chicken +£1.50

Pollo e Chorizo £9.75

Chicken, chorizo, marinated peppers and sundried tomatoes in a rich creamy sauce served with penne pasta

Italian Chicken Bake £9.25

Chicken, tomatoes and peppers in a cheese sauce

Penne Toscana £9.75

Chicken, marinated peppers, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic in a creamy tomato sauce topped with Mozzarella

Lasagna di Bologna £9.00

Layers of pasta, Bolognese & Bechamel sauce topped with cheese

Side Orders

Garlic Bread (V) £2.75

Garlic Bread with Cheese (V) £3.00

Pane Rosso (V) £3.00

Garlic and tomato sauce

Rustico (V) £4.50

Garlic bread with caramelised onions & cheese

Mussels £6.00

In garlic, white wine and cream

Funghi al Forno (V) £5.50

Sautéed mushrooms in a Gorgonzola and cream sauce glazed with grana padano

Garlic Mushrooms (V) £4.00

Chicken Wings (8 pieces) £4.50

Served on a bed of lettuce

House Salad (V) £3.50

Mixed leaves, olives, cucumber, lettuce, onions & tomatoes

Mixed Olives (V) £3.00

Anti Pasti Misto £6.50

Cured Italian meat, olives and bread

Anchovies £3.00

Artichokes (V) £3.00

Sunblushed Tomatoes (V) £3.00



(V) Vegetarian dishes

If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.


Call 01271 865982 to order takeaway pizza or pasta in Ilfracombe.

The minimum card transaction is £10.